A Little Book of Python for Multivariate Analysis

An excellent resource on multivariate analysis that I stumbled upon was called “A little book of R for multivariate analysis” by Avril Coghlan.

I liked it for its clarity and its good use of examples in explaining how to use and interpret PCA and LDA, as well as how to perform some typical and basic preliminary data analysis. As the title suggests, it is targeted to R.

With Python becoming a popular choice for data science, I thought it would be useful to show how this same analysis could be done in Python, and add some further links related to Python and data science.

You can find it hosted in Read the Docs, which allows to read it online or download a PDF version of it, among other available formats. For those that want to get their hands dirty, there is the corresponding Jupyter notebook on github.

Hope you enjoy it and feel free to leave a message or contact me for any comments.

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